Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - Is there a minimum rental period?

A1 - Yes the minimum rental period is 4 months. We can do shorter rental periods in special circumstances. We do carry out a credit check before renting.

Q2 - What information do I need to rent from Target Rentals?

A2 - Name (ID, eg. drivers license); address; phone number; date of birth; bank account number; second means of contact.

Q3 - How soon can delivery be made?

A3 - We can deliver the same day as you sign up to rent.

Q4 - How do I make my rental payments?

A4 - When you sign up you pay the first month plus bond, we help you set up an automatic payments either weekly, fortnightly or monthly for future payments.

Q5 - Is there a bond or deposit required?

A5 - Yes there is a cleaning bond of $20 per appliance which is refunded on return of clean appliances.

Q6 - What happens if I move?

A6 - We will move the appliances to your new location (within Palmerston North).

Q7 - What happens if the appliance(s) break down?

A7 - You call us (or leave a message if after hours) and we will contact you to arrange to repair or replace the broken appliance.

Q8 - How do I stop my automatic payments?

A8 - You ring your bank and cancel the automatic payments.